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A Camping Trip

 This bag will keep you wore all night long
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A Camping Trip

Campground information
Camping with friends
Safety is first.

    Do you know the hazards where you are camping?
    Are there any wild animals?
    Do you know how to till if any plants that may hurt you or maybe poisonous?
    Having the tools you may need. (shovel, blanket, water and food)
    Train for yourself and others in first aid, CPR and have a first aid kit.
A tent is a must for you and your family.

       It is better to bye a bigger tent so     
          your family can grow in it..
       A tent will last for years if you take care of it.
       Make sure you have a canvas tarp for under the tent.
       Having a rope will help with the Wendy weather.
A fimley tent for four

A good sleeping will keep you worm on night long.